Resonance Balancing Healing Breath

This technique was developed from an ancient mystery school meditation which has been used throughout the world for spiritual growth. It is now being shown by scientific research to tune your bio-energy field to a powerful healing resonance.

When applied therapeutically, this resonance effectively catalyzes the healing process for injuries and many other states of disease and pain. It also brings about deep relaxation and a prolonged sense of well being. Easy to learn, this technique is an effective tool for the bio-energy therapist from the very onset of its use.


Integrated Body - Mind Therapy

This emphasizes gentle, natural good feeling methodology for going into even deeper levels of the energy body where genuine transformation occurs.

The practitioner utilizes rhythmic passive movement reeducation, synthesized with element from both Eastern and Western traditions. It combines elements of Therapeutic Massage and bodywork, hypnotherapy, emotional clearing and Resonance Balancing. This unique approach is a delightful, awakening, and healing experience that invites an easier, more accepting attitude towards life.


Beyond Limitations Process

This natural approach to personal growth and transformation uses applied conscious breathing and medatative mindful awareness exercises. The disappearance of chronic tensions and anxieties leaves one in a state of deep relaxation, with a positive mental attitude — feeling more joyful, loving and harmonious.


Praises for Amatra Barbara May

During the fourteen years that Barbara has worked with me, I realized that she was one of the most gifted healers that I've ever met. She has evolved her own, unique, eclectic style which is a combination of the best of everything.

James A. Novack, MD
Novack Medical Group

Amatra is an outstanding healer of body, mind and spirit. She supports others to heal themselves and reach their highest potential. From personal experience, I recommend her as a healer and as an excellent teacher.

Irv Katz, PhD. President of International University for Professional Studies

Amatra has transformed my life. She has sculpted my body, supported me through emotional turmoil. and resolved the fibromialgia which plagued me for years.

Jan Seligman, MA, Counseling Psychology, Founder of Circus Earth

As a Physical Therapist and a Psychologist, I can only praise Amatra for using her knowledge and her gift of healing in a caring and living way. I wish that more people in the healing profession could learn from her how to go beyond the technical application and concentrate on the body and mind as a whole, as she did with me.

Regina Reinhart, PhD. Founder of Accel Psychotherapy Clinic


For appointments or training information call:

Hawaii: (808)217-5162
eMail: amatra2012@yahoo

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