Amatra has been known as a Transformation Facilitator since the early 1970's and gracefully blends the Psychology of Awakening and unconditional love as the core of her heartfelt teachings. Over these 30+ years she has been fortunate to have been tutored by some of the Masters of Humanistic and Transpersonal therapies. These experiences have inspired and guided her to become an enovative and eclectic master body/mind therapist, coach/educator, and ceramonialist. Her unique approach to Psychospiritual Emergence is in the context of total acceptance of What Is and that you are OK as you are without fixing or changing anything about yourself or others

Amatra has held a State of California certificate to teach Hypnosis, Nutrition/Diatetics, and all forms of massage and bodytherapy since l982. She was a founder of the Institute of Health Sciences and Pacific Beach Healtth Center in San Diego, California. In the late l980's she and her former partner William S. Eidelman M.D. (Psychiatry) felt compelled to move to Colorado and assist their friend Adam Trombly with his Project Earth inspired by the teachings of Buckminster Fuller. While there, they also founded the Bio-energy Medicine Research Center and birthed the energy therapy known as Resonance Balancing. She returned to SanDiego in  l991 and has been a freelance teacher and has since been a  licensed Holistic Health Practioner in private practice working with James Novak MD at the Presidio Medical Group in Pacific Beach until 2004. 

Her quest for self awareness and spiritual exploration has led her on a journey to met and study with some of the innovators of the Human Potential Movement. A few of those that have impacated and contributed to her life both professionally and personally are: Jose Silva, Ilana Rubenfeld, Moshe Feldenkrais, Osho, Pierre Pannetier/Maureen Lavender(Polarity),  Kirshna Murti,  Werner Erhardt/Stewert Emory,  Dr.Irv Katz (EricksonHypsnosis), Dr.Jack Painter (Postural Integraton),  his holiness the Dalai Lama, the Peace Pilgrim, and her primary mentor Milton Trager MD.

The past few years Amatra has also served as an elder in the One Heart Spirtual Community as teacher and ceremonialist; as well as, group leader at the Sacred Self Retreats. She is also continuing to teach her primary 90 hour course in Integrated Body Mind Therapy and seeing private clients.

Amatra is currently a Phd. Candidate in Transpersonal Pshchology with the Inernational University of Professional Studies (IUPS) located on Maui and has more recently been living in Hawaii on the Kona side of the Big Island where she has visited and taught private intern classes for the past l4 years. Also there, are her 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren.....and, of course, that wonderful "Aloha Spirit"


For appointments or training information call:

Hawaii: (808)217-5162
eMail: amatra2012@yahoo

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